2020-21 Emotional Recovery fr2020-21 Emotional Recovery from COVID-19 online Conferences om COVID-19 online Conferences


Organisation: Your Space Therapies


Conferences designed to enable emotional recovery from the impacts of COVID-19, helping professionals and parents make healthy reconnections and therapeutic pathways. Conference titles:

- Rupture and Repair after COVID-19 or a life affecting crisis.
- Strategy Toolbox for good mental health in schools.
- More strategies for your toolbox.
- Supporting school staff mental health and resilience.
- Understanding attachment disorders and how to help.
- Therapeutic storytelling.
- Boost the bond- a therapeutic parenting course.

Location: On line
Cost: £90 (multi-ticket deals can be applied)
Date: 5th June 2020
Time: 09:00

Contact person: Stacey Williams
Tel:: Please email