Introduction to Focusing workshop PLUS reduced cost One to One Focusing sessions

Organisation: Suzi Mackenzie


Focusing supports well-being and self-exploration. Connect with your body and intuition, improve your relationship with yourself. The workshop is highly experiential and explores the ‘felt sense’ and Focusing listening. Optional day two and further weekends lead to a BFA Certificate in Focusing Skills.

Discounted Focusing sessions, August – Sense into how you feel about a life issue, or explore a dream or decision. Initial session 1hr 20mins - offer price £45. Further sessions - offer price £30

Location: Crescent Practce, Brighton
Cost: £60 | (Dicounted Focusing sessions, August, offer price £45. Further sessions - offer price £30)
Date: 28th September 2019
Time: 10:00

Contact person: Suzi Mackenzie
Tel:: 07851086396