Counselling Is Not Like Selling Shoes – How To Market Your Private Market Online: Content Creation


Organisation: KB Bilingual Services

Description: As a private practitioner, I know how tricky it can be to "put yourself out there" and "market" your practice.
To let people know you're there and that you're open for business, without seeming "salesy" or "pushy".
It's not the same to say "come to my shop, I'll sell you the best shoes for your feet", than to get someone from first glance of your services into your counselling room.
We can't say "oh, I think you'll benefit from sessions with me" in such a direct way. We must find a better, gentler, and more sensitive way to get clients through our door.
It is for this reason that I've created a service built around supporting therapists to improve their websites with images, videos, and other content that tells the client exactly why they want to work with this particular counsellor.
It is also important to get online, on to social media and other platforms, and "promote" ourselve

Location: Online Webinar
Cost: Free if watched live
Date: 23rd July 2019
Time: 08:30

Contact person: Karin Brauner
Tel:: +447807925589