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Members of SCAP who offer counselling & psychotherapeutic services using a variety of modalities

Inclusion here is by agreement of Sussex Counselling and Psychotherapy Committee (SCAP) but does not necessarily imply approval or endorsement by us. Whilst reasonable care has been taken to ensure that the details given are accurate, we do not accept responsibility for these services offered, and the Committee reserve the right to remove or refuse to include a service.  

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Gender: Female
Location: Lewes, East Sussex
Therapy Modality: Humanistic Integrated Counselling Animal Assisted Therapy
Gender: Female
Location: Chichester, West Sussex
Therapy Modality: Integrative
Gender: Male
Location: Haywards Heath
Therapy Modality: Humanistic Integrative & Existential
Gender: F
Location: Arundel
Therapy Modality: Integrative, Person Centred
Gender: Female
Location: Brighton & Hove and online
Therapy Modality: Humanistic Psychotherapeutic Counselling
Gender: Female
Location: Godstone
Therapy Modality: Integrative
Gender: Female
Location: Worthing
Therapy Modality: Integrative Counselling. This means we humans can become whole, find integrity through our experience, however painful. I draw on dif ideas and techniques for this one aim.
Gender: Female
Location: Brighton
Therapy Modality: Person Centred, Transactional Analysis, Gestalt, Cognitive Behavioural, NLP
Gender: Female
Location: Online and Lewes
Therapy Modality: Person-centred Psychotherapeutic Counselling Integrative Supervision
Gender: male
Location: Brighton
Therapy Modality: Humanistic/Integrative/Pluralistic/