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Pat Mcgrath

Gender: Female
Location: Shoreham by Sea

Therapy Modality: Integrative

Services Offered:

The type of psychotherapy I offer is integrative with a variety of humanist therapeutic approaches. This means that I combine different therapeutic approaches to fit the needs of the individual client, looking at the whole person, not only from the therapist’s view but from the client’s viewpoint of themselves. This offers a more flexible and inclusive approach compared with more traditional forms of psychotherapy. Clients are supported to bring their insight and understanding as they grow, find their wisdom and locate fulfilment within themselves.

Working with a therapist 

·      Would you like help to overcome anxiety, depression, or low-self esteem and wanting to understand their underlying causes? 

·      Are your life experiences and difficulties causing you feelings of distress or dissatisfaction? 

·      You may be seeking to make sense of your life story so far.

·      You may want to have better, stronger, healthier relationships.


·      You can explore and deepen your experiences, feelings and thoughts within a supportive therapeutic space. 

Fees: £50 (Individuals) £60 (Couples)

Qualification: UKCP registered
Accrediting Body: UKCP

Contact Number: 07395229790
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