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Catherine 'Chooses' a Speedy Recovery.

“The wonderful thing about a hip operation is that you know when it is going to happen. And, therefore, you can plan/prepare around it...,”

In 2007 when, following an unfortunate accident, Catherine Baudino found herself facing a left hip replacement surgery. Eight years later Catherine’s right hip needed to be replaced as well. At this point Catherine took matters into her own hands. Having worked hard before her first operation, using Pilates as a pre-operation preparation, Catherine understood the importance of exercise for a healthy and speedy recovery.

cath exerciseUnderstanding that for many a hip operation indicated the sign of ageing, Catherine was determined to prove that, no matter what your age, recovery was an option for those who were prepared to work for it. “Whatever your age, or circumstance, there is no need for trepidation, nor do you need to be a fitness fanatic to have a speedy recovery”, says Catherine.

Fitness is not the only contribution required in preparation for a speedy and successful recovery. Catherine says "determination and self-discipline appears to be equally as important when dealing with obstacles of physical and mental pain". She admits, “I was ruthless with myself and absolutely determined to be as prepared as possible for my recover, regardless of pain and discomfort”.

However, her real obstacle was not her body but rather her mind-set. Catherine, who is studying to become a Reality Therapist and is beginning to apply the ideas of Choice Theory in her life, soon realised she had choices when it came to her mental behaviour, and opted for a positive attitude, coupled with as much exercise as her body would allow.

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