Summer 2022 Members Magazine


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The Summer 2022 issue of SCAP Magazine is due to be delivered to member shortly. It includes.

  • ‘To every thing there is a season’: Chair Sheila Pope on SCAP’s closure
  • Your favourite therapy-related podcasts
  • Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy: introducing its principles and potentials
  • Examining whiteness
  • ‘The dark side of our profession…’ Watching Gloria on stage

Plus: Working with teenagers, exploring imagery, confronting the climate crisis, two chair work, being present with suffering, psychic development across the life span








Spring issue of SCAP Magazine


spring22In the Spring 2022 issue of SCAP Magazine:


  • Spring into action! Why you’re needed at SCAP’s social and AGM
  • Surf Therapy on Southwick Beach – plus how to refer your young clients
  • “Could we keep alive the memory of the rupture?” Greg Madison on therapy’s post-pandemic role
  • Fun, free, fulfilling: Sheila Pope’s creative guide to CPD
  • “I stayed with the chaos… I stopped using boxes of tissues… I let the silences get louder”: How one reader embraced Nick Totton’s Wild Therapy

 Plus: Supporting clients in suicidal crisis, working with gender diversity, exploring loneliness with carer clients, meet Animal-Assisted Counsellor Shirley Bass (and her guinea pigs…)

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Being sent out to you this week.



Welcome Mankind - new organisational member

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Welcome to our latest Organisational member ManKind.

Since 2000 Mankind supporting people who self identify as male who are affected by unwanted sexual experiences. They the term ‘unwanted sexual experience’ to include any non-consensual or unwanted act of sexualised violence, coercion, manipulation or abuse. For example online or text abuse, childhood sexual abuse, sexual assault, rape. Everyone’s experience is unique and you will have your own language for what has happened to you.

Finf out more by clicking the link above to visit the ManKind website.



SCAP Magazine 30th October 2021

scallmagimageNovIn the Autumn/Winter 2021 issue of SCAP Magazine:

·         New venues, more socials and a new CPD approach for SCAP
·         How to retire? Jan Irwin and Helen Armstrong swop experiences
·         “Suddenly, the terror of feeling overwhelmed reduces” – Dr Sharie Coombes shares child-friendly neuroscience
·         First steps in Walk ’n’ Talk therapy
·         Facing existential crisis… with the help of Emmy van Deurzen

Plus: Multilingual therapy, sandtray symbolism, food and attachment, play therapy, reflecting on privilege and otherness, challenging the language of diagnosis.

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SCAP Autumn Social

SCAP Autumn SocialSCAP Autumn social 2021



Part-time Therapist Positions

Part-time Therapist Positions

Organisation: One Therapy Brighton

We are currently looking for 3 part-time therapists to join our team in Brighton. We see adults over 18 years of age only. Both individual and couples' therapists are welcome to apply. Applicants should be members of BACP, UKCP or COSRT. Your primary therapeutic approach should be person-centred, integrative, psychodynamic, psychoanalytic or existential. You will be seeing between 6 and 12 clients per week. Our practice is in The Lanes in Brighton. Group supervision is provided. Please get in touch!

Closing Date: 31-10-2021 23:30
Contact Name: Dwayne Jackson
Contact Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: www.onetherapybrighton.com


CPD back in Brighton - Success !

P1100869On Saturday 24th July at the Holiday Inn, Brighton, SCAP held its first in-person CPD event since early in 2020. 

7 participants were treated to Dr Dwight Turner's presentation on Exploring the Intersections of Privilege and Otherness.  We looked at how a sense of identity is formed by infants as they notice and learn to manage their reactions to difference as they move through the various developmental stages. We reflected on the many and various ways in which we might be privileged (not just by the colour of our skins but by our sexual orientation, religion, education, gender, age, physical abilities, etc.) and considered our own personal experiences in these respects.

Covid procedures at the hotel created a sense of safety for me, with our chairs placed well apart and sanitiser widely available; we had the option to wear masks if we felt it necessary (eg. when we engaged in an exercise involving moving across the room) and participants kept a distance when chatting at the end of the morning.   The air conditioning drew the air through the room very effectively (in fact I grew a little chilly later during the morning!) and I for one felt comfortable to meet with others in this way.  I look forward to the remaining programme of SCAP CPD events and meeting with members in person!



Summer 2021 issue of SCAP Magazine



Summer SCAP Magazine will be dropping on your door mat next weekend (10th July) !

In the Summer 2021 issue:

Where next for SCAP? AGM news
“I get goose pimples…”: working with intensive care dreams
Attachment styles in Doc Martin
Your pandemic practice journeys
Reading The Race Conversation… and launching a SCAP book group?

Plus: Autumn social plans, supporting students, get to know member Pat Smale, pandemic weight gain, psilocybin for depression, psychoanalysis on Covid.

SCAP Magazine is distributed free to SCAP members. To join, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. To contribute to SCAP Magazine, email the editor, Isobel Todd




Job Vacancies


vacanciesThere are new vacancies for counsellors, supervisors and
training supervisors on our website Jobs page.








AGM & Free Presentation

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This year's AGM - Followed by a presentation made by Jay Beichman - The Future of Counselling and Psychotherapy (Live Zoom)

In the aftermath of the Covid crisis how can counsellors and psychotherapists offer real choice for clients/patients? Especially outside private practice in organisations such as the NHS. How do we conceptualise what we offer to providers and the public in a way that is useful for us and them? Is increasing professionalisation and regulation, perhaps another go at statutory regulation (SR) the way forward or more of a hindrance to creative practice? 

These issues and others will be presented by Jay Beichman PhD before plenty of time for questions and discussion.

The presentation will explore the sociohistorical context in which therapy finds itself and the implications for us as practitioners as we emerge out of the Covid crisis.

The AGM & Presentaion is FREE - To register for this and any SCP Seminar all you have to do is go to CPD and Seminars page, scroll down to your chossen event, and click on the register button.



What Really Matters (in Corona times)?

Video - What Really Matters (in corona times)? 

The CPD scheduled for the 15th of this month has unfortunatley been postponed - Instead, there is a video presentation to members available now (click on details for more information - log in and go to the 'Resource Library' section).

Ernesto Spinelli and Greg Madison, both existential psychologists living in the UK, discuss their experiences of living and working for the past year under lockdown and then now as restrictions ease and 'normality' can return. 

The video explores some of the deeper significance of daily life events, the opportunity for some uncomfortable existential insights, and a few ideas about the future of therapy after a year online. We also wonder what the future holds and our ambivalence about the long-term implications of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Screenshot 2021 05 04 212425

 Non members may join SCAP and have access to this and alot more resources by going here.



Spring Social




 - No formal agenda 
- Relax with a beverage of choice
- Meet fellow Sussex counsellors and therapists 
- Share experiences of the past year 
- Find out more about what SCAP does 
- SCAP officers there to take questions 

- Give us your ideas for future CPDs 

 … It’s free! 




Members Magazine Spring 2021

mag jpgIn the Spring 2021 issue of SCAP Magazine:

  • SCAP Spring Social and AGM news
  • Counselling meets cookery with Sussex-based Kitchen Therapy
  • Supporting clients with long Covid
  • “I feel stronger through making and viewing these photos”: photography in grief work
  • Avoiding therapist burnout with Babette Rothschild

Plus: Meet psychosexual therapist Steve Lockyer, conspiracy theories in the counselling room, working with trauma, the power of music

SCAP Magazine is distributed free to SCAP members. To join go to https://sussex-counselling.co.uk/become-a-member . To contribute or advertise in future magazines contact the editoe Isobel todd here



CPD & Seminar On-line Prices Lowered

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Great news - our prices for our on-line events has dropped - Members new rate is £10.00 (requires sign in first) and non members £15.00.
All of our CPD's are listed on the events page, and we are working hard to try to continue this service during the COVID-19 restrictions. 



Welcome to Rhiannon our latest CPD Tutor

5fd1366e3303a pic of me

 'If you’re thinking of counselling couples, come ‘into the trenches’ with me, it’s beyond worthwhile, I promise you.

It feels like vital work now in the swirl of cultural chaos. This is work at which I think I’ve most excelled, as the demands align with my character. I’m all about Reality, tearing down limiting Comfort Zones, honest challenge, and emotional honesty, so don’t expect a dry academic lecture.

I studied an esoteric, brand new, holistic, spiritual, process-oriented psychotherapy based in the USA which drew widely from the theories including Gendlin on Focusing, Levine on trauma, NLP, Gestalt, Buddhist core process, Sufi and Native American spiritual philosophy, BodyMind theories from Hakomi and Chiron, and the principles of nonviolence and following the process.

Couple work needs a greater dimension of course, but the process is still my core approach.

My spiritual driver is always to have the courage to embrace conflict, and explore and resolve it.

As the Late Petrushka Clarkson said, in all human existence, Relationship Is Everything.

I’m a Big Picture person, a student of The Macrocosm, a follower of Change, both agency and spontaneous, and my core role on this Planet has always seemed to be to communicate, whether through journalism, which I did professionally for twenty years, or songwriting and performing, which I’ve done alongside both my professional careers for half a century. Therapy should not exist in a bubble, we are all in the World and this is our contribution.

We should all be on a mission to inspire, evoke, and yes, sometimes provoke, and right now, in the chaos of the World, be there to facilitate the process for people with relationship struggle, whether it’s to build, enhance, or mindfully dismantle them.

I come from a comically dysfunctional, ‘working class’, extended family and watched my miserable parents battle it out for 25 years until my father died. My self assigned role was to ‘hold the space’ for all that conflict, I couldn’t fix it, but it gave me transferable skills.

I myself bounced from dreadful relationship to dreadful relationship right from my early teens, and it took me half a lifetime to figure out how this was supposed to go.

In no other therapeutic context is it more crucial that the Personhood and Beingness of the therapist can provide a ‘holding’ space for the tricky couple dynamic so I’m delighted to have the chance to inspire others to find that place in themselves.

I’m not about the academics. People can read and research for themselves. I’m about the How of Process and the skills ‘in the room’. I won’t be offering further reading, it’s not in my intended remit for this seminar.(February 2021) I’m more a follower of Yalom than Dryden."




Jobs Page Updated




  • Your Space Therapies - Head of Service
  • Counsellors and Supervisors


For your convenience here is a direct link to the Jobs page



Autumn / Winter 2020 Magazine



In the Autumn / Winter 2020 issue of SCAP Magazine:

Delivered to you Saturday 7th November


  • SCAP 2021 CPD programme now booking
  • Meet your new committee… and join them!
  • Dwight Turner on decolonising trainings, repoliticising therapy and quoting Dr Dre in your Masters
  • "I am a fan of the darker emotions": Humanistic Psychotherapist Katie McDonell takes our Q&A
  • SCAP members recommend books and programmes around racial injustice

Plus: Pet grief, Focusing for self-care, Post Slavery Syndrome, sex and intimacy issues, narcissistic leaders and large-group psychology, what's the point of SCoPEd?


An E-version will be in the members magazine archive from Tuesday 10th 



SCAP Magazine is distributed free to SCAP members. To join, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. To contribute to SCAP Magazine, email the editor, Isobel Todd: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


New Website Launched

​The new website is now open