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If you are unable to find the answer to your query contact Adrian for assistance


  • General
    Questions relating to general areas.
  • 1. What is the difference between Counselling and Psychotherapy

    One problem, inherent in debates about therapy, is the use of the different terms ‘counselling’, ‘psychotherapy’ and ‘therapy’. There are some ‘counsellors’ and some ‘psychotherapists’ who insist that there are real differences in their practices. However, it is arguable whether there are any essential differences between ‘counselling’ and ‘psychotherapy’

    Read the full article by Jay Beichman PhD MBACP(SnrAccred)

    Full article

  • Using the website
    Getting around and membership questions
  • 1. How can I become a member

    Student Membership Working Towards Qualification

     Prerequisite: A recognised counselling course

    Benefits of student membership are:

    • Being part of a supportive local professional body
    • Opportunities to attend SCAP AGMs and social events
    • Access to information about future CPD events
    • Potential to advertise in the SCAP directory, once qualified
    • For Qualified Counsellors/Therapists

       Prerequisite: minimum Diploma in counselling or similar

      • Free advertising in our What's on in Sussex webpage and email (T&C apply)
      • Access to our new members resource library
      • You have the opportunity to join the SCAP committee
      • You may also upgrade at any time to practitioner listing to promote your therapy services.
    • Members who offer a Therapy Service 

      Prerequisites : 

      • Full professional counselling qualification(s), Diploma in Counselling or equivalent  being the minimum requirement.
      • Continued membership of your professional body e.g. (BACP, UKCP or EAP) throughout the period of this directory entry.
      • Continued professional insurance cover throughout your membership period
      • Regular clinical supervision throughout your membership period.

       Practitioner Members receive all Standard Membership benefits + your own listing on our Counsellor Directory pages

       Organisational Membership

    • The benefits of the new Organisation Membership include:

      • FREE advertising in our monthly e-newsletter, ‘What’s on in Sussex’ which is delivered to our mailing list . 
        Inclusion on our What's on in Sussex' web page.
      • Free vacancy advertising on our website.
      • Your profile on our Organisational Directory to communicate about your services and aims.
      • 3 free copies of the Magazine for your staff, waiting rooms etc.
      • Being associated with the only Sussex-wide organisation which aims to promote high-quality counselling practice through its support and encouragement of Sussex counsellors, through promotion of counselling interests in Sussex communities, and through making information about counselling and practitioners easily available to the Sussex public.

    You can sign up for any of the above by going to this page 


  • 2. Not logged into the new site before - what do I do

    The 'Membership Log-in' area is at the top right of the website.  Log-in with the username and password you created when you signed up for membership. You can update other details and also renew if you have not done so already. If you have a problem with this please feel free to contact Adrian and he will be more than happy to help you.

  • 3. Forgotten your email address used to register

    Contact Adrian who will help you.

  • 4. Forgotten your username and or Forgotten your password

    Click on the 'Forgot your username?' link.

    You will be asked to enter the email address you originally registered with. Your username will then be sent to this email address.

    Click on the 'Forgot your password?' link.

    You will be asked to enter the email address you originally registered with. A verification code will be sent to your email. Once you have received the verification code paste it into the required field and you will be directed to your profile page where you can choose a new password.

    Or If you prefer - contact Adrian

  • 5. How to update your profile (i.e., change your password, email/postal address/telephone number, etc):

    Log in. Go back to the ‘Members Log in’ tab and select 'your profile' from the drop-down. Here you will be able to edit your details. (there is also a link on the left of the members area page.

  • 6. Renew/upgrade your membership plan:

    You will receive a notification email before your membership subscription is due to expire.

    Log in. click on 'your profile' At the bottom of the page is a renew button - note that this is only visible when your subscription is due for renewal.

    Once your membership has expired, you have 10 days to renew after that your details will automatically be removed from the site (GDPR).

    If you want to upgrade your membership plan you must renew before you can upgrade


  • 7. Placements & how to add / update your entry:

    If your Organisation offers placements to trainee counsellors you can be listed on our website for free. Simply contact Adrian for help

  • 8. How to add/Edit your details to the Practitioner Directory

    You must have a Practitioner Listing membership in order to list your services.

    Log in to the members area first.

    Adding your Listing for the first time:

    Click on the link on the left (Add/Edit my Practitioner listing). - Click on 'Add Entry' on the grey toolbar. - Completed the form and click 'Save Entry' at the foot of the form.

    That's it.

    Edit your Current Listing

    Click on the link on the left (Add/Edit my Practitioner listing). 

    Then click on your name to expand the listing.

    Click on the icon that now appears next to your name and choose 'EDIT'

    Edit the content and click 'Save Entry' at the foot of the form.

    That's it.



  • 9. Cancelling membership and getting a refund.

    New Memberships can be cancelled and refunded only within 30 days of purchase. There will be an administration charge applied


  • 10. When do I get my Members magazine

    The magazine is published and posted out 3 times a year in the spring, summer and winter. one week after it has been posted to you, a virtual copy is also added to the members area.

    New joining members, who join after the most recent magazine has been posted will receive 2 recent issues sent out by our membership manager (Adrian)



  • 11. As a member can I contribute to the members magazine

    Absolutely - Isobel Todd will be happy to advise you. Contact her here


  • 12. Can I sign up for newsletters if I am not a member ?


    No, we do not have a non-member mailing list any more as we have to be careful how many emails we send out over the server, not just for volume, but with GDPR in mind. Our eNewsletter is part of membership.


    Members receive e news letters as well as other benifits. You can see what membership levels there are, as well as costs by going to our 'Membership/Subscription Plans' link at the to right of the main page.


  • On-line Advertising & Payments
    Making Payments & Advertising on the website
  • 1. How to advertise in ‘What's On in Sussex’ (Sussex Counselling & Psychotherapy's email newsletter)

    Log in and click on the advertising link and enter the details in the form. Your advert will be added to the website and also be sent out to our mailing list automatically, on the next 28th of the month for the following month.

    Advertising events can only be accepted for that month (we cannot add multiple month)

    The date the What’s on in Sussex is posted on line is now the 28th of each month for the following month. We can only advertise the events for that month – for example, on the 28th October, the what’s on ads will be for November only.  The advert can only be for November, and not for other months later.

    Adverts do not 'roll over'

    • We can now accept a flyer as an attachment to your advert which can include events for multi months
    • In your monthly ad, you can include a link to your website to advertise your future events from there.
    • Advertising restrictions - your event date should not conflict with the SCAP Seminar CPD dates posted on line - check this out first.
    • We cannot accept what may be considered 'political' ads, or ads contrary to SCAP's Principles and Standards - SCAP can refuse to include your ad should it be unsuitable.



  • 2. Advertising and payment in Sussex Counselling & Psychotherapy’s in printed termly magazine:

    Go to the magazine page and follow steps 1 & 2 where you can also submit and pay for your advertisement.

    Step 1: is to determine if there is available space in the magazine for your advert.

    Step 2: Submit you advert details in word format and your artwork either as a jpeg or pdf document. You will also be able to pay at this point.

    For more details or help you can contact Isobel Todd (Magazine Editor) here


  • 3. Making payment for Membership or Seminar CPD events.

    Payments can be made with PayPal or most major debit/credit cards.

    Making payment from our site using your PayPal account is a straightforward process.

    Payments are usually for Membership and Seminar/CPD events. You simply complete the registration form and you will be redirected to the payment page.

    If you are a PayPal user already – you will probably be familiar with the process  – N.B. if the email address and password fields are already filled in delete the password and re-enter it.

    Make the payment by simply clicking ‘pay now’. 

    Making payment with Credit/Debit cards:

    If you do not have a PayPal account – you will be redirected to the Guest payment page (see image) where you can make the payment with most credit/debit cards. Simply follow the usual process of adding card details. – N.B. as part of this process you will be offered the opportunity to create a PayPal account – this is optional.


  • 4. Why can't I pay with bank transfer (BACS):

    We do not include BACS payment methods on line any more due to the difficulty in knowing who paid and when payment was made.

    All of our website payments are now made with PayPal or Debit/Credit card.
    If the only way for you to make a payment is by BACS please contact Adrian to arrange and Reference code. (there may be an admin charge for this)


  • 5. How to get the members discount for a Seminar.

    You must log in first with your username and password.

    Then go to the Seminar/CPD page and you will see that the cost has adjusted to the members fee.

    If you have been given a coupon code for a discount then add this in the 'Coupon Code' field when you register and the discount will be applied.


  • 6. What free advertising do I get as a member

    Please note that your Seminar and CPD advertising dates must not conflict with our own SCAP seminar/CPD dates.


    Student Members.

    There is no free advertising for Student membership.


    Standard & Practitioner Listing Members.

    • 1 free What's on in Sussex ad per month - this is posted on our 'What's on in Sussex' web page as well as emailed to all our mailing list on the 28th of each month for the following month (for example, 28th January would be for the month of February. 28th February would be for the month of March)
    • Free advertising on our Jobs around Sussex page - must include a closing date for applications. The ad will be removed after that closing date (with the exception of Organisational members)


    Organisational members.

    • As above, but 2 free ads each instead of just 1.
    • Free advertising on our Jobs around Sussex page - the vacancy can remain on line for an extended period of time, for example ongoing recruitment.


  • 7. Can I advertise a vacancy on the jobs page

    Yes. Members can advertise a vacancy for their organisation on our Jobs around Sussex page for free (see below)

    Non members can advertise a vacancy but there is an advertising fee of £25.00 - The vacancy will be removed at the closing date.  - Contact Adrian for details.


    Standard & Practitioner Listing Members.

    • Free advertising on our Jobs around Sussex page - must include a closing date for applications. The ad will be removed after that closing date.


    Organisational members.

    • Free advertising on our Jobs around Sussex page - the vacancy can remain on line for an extended period of time, for example ongoing recruitment.